Farmhouse Paint Finishes Save Thousands

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Old Kitchen becomes NEW for less with Farmhouse Paint Finishes! 

Farmhouse Paint Finishes Update Old Kitchen
Farmhouse Paint Finishes were used to give this old kitchen a facelift.

Hi Evilena’s Red Dresser Blog Readers…It’s Christian Author, Speaker and Stand-up Comedian Tracy DeGraaf here and thanks for hanging out with us both online as well as in our beautiful consignment store located at 20887 S. LaGrange Road in Frankfort, IL! Just wanted to touch base with everyone since it’s spring and time for the dead to come back to life…..and in this case, it’s time for kitchen cabinets to come back to life using Farmhouse Paint Finishes. And the best part is, NO pre-sanding and NO top-coat needed. 

Three coats of Farmhouse Paint Finishes

The picture to the left is my kitchen (sorry, the lighting is what it is…I couldn’t get it just right, but you get the idea.) You will notice my cabinets have been painted a fresh cream color. LOVE IT! It’s actually Farmhouse Paint Finishes Creamy Linen. My husband, Ron (a.k.a. Muffin…if you’ve been to my comedy show, you know I call him Muffin) did the painting and it took three weeks and three coats. And, truth be told…we could have gotten away with two weeks and two coats, but it was Christmas time when he started painting, so we were busy! And, three coats just sealed the deal. I was happy with two, but Muffin wanted one more coat. Oh, and I do have a little herb garden growing in my kitchen window and those red roses are from my sons for Mother’s Day…..awwwww!


My cabinets are over a hundred years old (sort of).

Here’s the thing…my cabinets are 16-years-old in human years. But, you see, Muffin and I have 5 sons (the mini-muffins) and when you take five male children and raise them in a home for 16 years, the items inside that home age in dog years not human years. So, that would make my cabinets over a hundred years old. Got it? All that to say, my cabinets don’t owe me a dime. My family thoroughly enjoyed them, and on occasion, my sons thoroughly abused them. Like the time one of my boys took a Magic Marker and held it to the center island and ran around it like a Nascar driver….left, left, LEFT. Thank God I discovered Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I think those two magical products should be sold together…Magic Marker and Magic Eraser. 

But I digress…

Repair or Replace?

We needed to do something to rejuvenate our kitchen by either replacing or repairing our cabinets. Replacing them would cost minimum $12,000. Painting them with Farmhouse Paint Finishes cost less than $200. We had nothing to lose because if we painted them and didn’t like the result, we could replace them. We couldn’t make it worse than it already was with lots of dings and gouges from years of living in a male-dominated home of cage-less monkeys.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets at Christmas!

Muffin decided to paint the cabinets right before Christmas 2017. Oh my, the timing was, well, imperfect. But, he’s a construction worker so he was off and he dove in. DON’T JUDGE me for this photo. Muffin took it without me knowing. See my bright pink comedy stool in the far left corner? While it should be in the garage, there it sits in my kitchen…but oh well. I had done a show for Breast Cancer Awareness month two months prior, and hadn’t found the time to put it away….ha ha AGAIN DON’T JUDGE.  Anyway, below you will find 7 easy steps how you can do your own kitchen cabinet resurrection.

Before Farmhouse Paint Finishes
Kitchen BEFORE applying Farmhouse Paint Finishes

7 Easy Steps to a Kitchen Cabinet Resurrection

  1. Clean cabinets. NO SANDING REQUIRED!
  2. Remove doors.
  3. Take off knobs.
  4. Fix rough areas with wood filler.
  5. Stir the paint. It may be a little thicker than regular paint. And, if it’s too thick, add water. No need to measure. As a result, you will have a nice consistency (like thin pancake batter). In addition, using a wet brush to start with, or dipping your brush in water is another solution in the event your paint is thick.
  6. Paint your cabinets by getting plenty of paint on your brush and use long even strokes. Most of all, do not go back and try to fix areas once you’ve started painting. Farmhouse Paint Finishes dry VERY quickly and if you go back trying to get it perfect, trust me, you will only make it worse. Let it dry and you can fix it later. Farmhouse Paint can be lightly sanded after drying to a smooth matte finish. It’s lovely.
  7. Let the paint dry and cure completely. Follow all label instructions for Farmhouse Paint Finishes. NO TOP COAT NEEDED! However, you can add a clear top coat if you like. We didn’t, and it’s been 5 months, and all is well. The cabinets clean up nice and no scratches.

Finally, I suggest you purchase a Cling-On paint brush to ensure your painting project will go smoothly! Evilena’s Red Dresser carries them and they are worth the investment. We paid around $25 for ours.


Tracy DeGraaf, Christian Author, Speaker, Stand-up Comedian. For more information on me Go here.


p.s. Want to get started with Farmhouse Paint Finishes? Purchase Farmhouse Paint Finishes at Evilena’s Red Dresser, 20887 S. LaGrange Road, Frankfort, IL 60423. Additionally, you can also sign up for classes to learn how to use paint as well as advanced finishes. Visit our website or Facebook Event Page for details or call the store at 815-464-2668. Evilena’s Red Dresser is open weekdays 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (open late on Thursdays until 8 p.m.) and Saturdays 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.