Spring into Action

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Ah, Spring is just about here! The cold weather is still lingering a bit longer than usual this year. As we wait for the consistent warmer temperatures, we need to wake our bodies up and spring into action.


Check out our newest line of sportswear by MonaB, which is delightfully adorable, comfortable and affordable!



The colors are dazzling, with bright whites, cream, blue, gray, and dusty rose, with some basic black.



Wearing such cute sportswear makes a girl want to go for a jog and burn off those old winter calories!



We are here to encourage you to keep the body God gave you healthy and strong and as a living sacrifice to Him! When we exercise, it helps clear our minds, settle our emotions so we are receptive and alert.



As the manager of your body, we hope to inspire you to spring into action and direct the body to be the best it can be! Never forget, your body is uniquely designed, and created specifically for you. Comparing yourself to someone else can be discouraging. So, enjoy the person God made you, be because you are special, and valuable just as you are!


Let’s live the best life together, today!