Consignment shopping offers variety at Evilena’s Red Dresser in Frankfort, IL

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Consignment shopping at Evilena’s Red Dresser in Frankfort, IL offers lots of variety. That’s what makes it so amazing. I took a quick poll of our customers and asked “Why do you love consignment (or resale or thrift shopping)?”

Here’s what our consignment shoppers said… 

“Lots of change. You could go in everyday and see a new assortment.” – Kelly


“One-of-a-kind treasures!” – Kathleen


“When I shop consignment I never know what I’ll see and there’s a lot of fun in the unexpected find.” – Kim


“I love consignment because at a one-stop-shop you can buy a wide variety of items at an awesome price.” Karren


“Unique & sometimes surprising finds!” Beth

Notice any patterns here? They like variety. They like things that are unique. And, did you notice that most of their names begin with K? Hmm. Weird huh? So much for variety.

But I digress. Let’s get back to the blog post!

At any given moment in a consignment store you can find such a variety of unique items. The following three pictures were all taken on the same day at Evilena’s Red Dresser in Frankfort, IL. A vintage chest, a one-of-a-kind upcycled table, and a super unique bird bath.

Let’s take a look at all three.

An amazing chest will get lots of compliments!

The trunk, for example, it’s warm and rustic and it’s natural beauty has shone through with age. Love this! And the best thing about adopting a previously loved item like this through a consignment store is that your home will be filled with treasures as unique as you are! And, when all your friends compliment your amazing chest, (don’t go there ha ha) and ask you where you got it, you’ll be able to say, “I got it at Evilena’s Red Dresser.” But the whole time, you’ll know that you got the only one. Ha. 

Items like this chest can be found at our consignment store.
This one-of-a-kind chest adds character to any room. 

What about the upcycled table you ask?

Check out this one-of-a-kind piece for instance. The artist upcycled two tables into one display piece by securing them, mirror-cutting the table top for the bottom to match the top, and then painting the whole project with Farmhouse Paint (a fabulous water-based, no prep and no top coat needed paint that we carry at Evilena’s and we offer classes on how to use it too). I love Farmhouse Paint and I don’t even like painting. Anyway, after painting her double decker project, she distressed it slightly. It’s simply stunning, and can be used as a kitchen island, dining room buffet or server, living room media center, bedroom bookshelf, entry table, or home office display piece. 

In addition to consignment items, we sell Farmhouse Paint. This furniture piece was painted with it.
Beautifully upcycled with Farmhouse Paint and lots of creativity!

Finally, the birdbath.

Who doesn’t love to create fun spaces outside and watch nature interact with them? Place this birdbath in your back yard garden and enjoy lazy summer afternoons watching birds coming and going. Or, why not put it in your front landscaping? This beauty would add a splash of color and fun to your entry.

Cute and colorful birdbath can now be found at our consignment shop.
A simply beautiful birdbath for your garden or landscaping!

What is Evilena’s secret for variety?

At Evilena’s, our secret for variety is in our designers. We have two wonderful ladies who work their magic weekly. Denise Lough, Interior Designer and founder of works two days a week rearranging everything into pleasing vignettes giving shoppers a new experience every time they shop. Denise has been with the store since opening day in 2009. She’s available for hire and can help you redesign your interior spaces. Check out her website and you’ll find many before and after pics of her work. You can contact her through her website for a design consult!

Maureen Kocsis, Fashion Blogger and Stylist for Baby Boomer Divas is also employed at Evilena’s Red Dresser. Her blog deals with all things fashion for Baby Boomer Divas (women over 50). Check her out on Facebook! Maureen works every Friday dressing our mannequins and often times as soon as she gets an outfit together, it sells! She’s amazing and you can hire her to freshen up your wardrobe. Contact her through her Facebook page. 

Come see us today!

We hope you’ll visit us weekly for all of your buying and selling needs. Evilena’s Red Dresser is an upscale quality consignment store located at 20887 S. LaGrange Road, Frankfort, IL. Consignors may bring up to 15 items daily and no appointment is necessary (except for large furniture items). We need to see photos first and schedule delivery on those. We accept women’s clothing size zero through plus, jewelry, purses, shoes, accessories, furniture, lamps, and home decor. We accept items in new or gently used condition that are in style and in season. The store is open M-F 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (open late on Thursdays until 8 p.m.) and Saturdays 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Closed Sundays. Connect with us on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Call 815-464-2668 for more info.