What’s in a Name?

Who doesn’t love a pretty purse?!!?!

Golden Prada Item # 126749 $265

Girls love to have a closet full of purses, so as to be prepared at all times for any occasion! 

The colors, the style and choices are endless.

Long length shoulder bags, worn with grace and ease are fun to wear with an oh so cute outfit.

At times, a little clutch is all that is needed to fit the bill. 

Fancy name brands make heads turn in awe.

Sparkly purses decorated with gemstones, sequins and jewels shine brightly like a new diamond.  

Copper Sequins Item #9844-12 $10

Marvelous colors and styles can make our hearts rejoice. 

Spring Green Ramano Purse Item #126745. $49

         Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in our sight! (and so ARE YOU)!


At Evilena’s, we carry a wonderful variety of purses. This got me thinking of how purses relate to people.

Leatherrock Purse Item # 11195.17. $69. IMG 7417

Each person has their own unique style, name and fingerprint for such a time as this. A purse sits on the shelf waiting for the right “outfit” to matched with.

Oftentimes a purse is worn for weeks at a time before it’s changed out

Cigar Box Item # 6-1451. $15
Black Hexi Purse Item 827215 $18

Life can be that way. We sometimes feel (moms of small children can relate), that we are put on the shelf while the other practical “purses” or fancy ones are being selected, while we seem to be neglected. 

Longaberger Duffle Item 8651-53 $65

But that is so far from the truth. Different seasons of our lives can become hectic and busy, as we take care of family, a career, and a host of activities that sometimes seem to tap us out.  Those times you feel spent, there is goodness right around the corner waiting for you. When life is hurried, peace is calling your name. When death stares you in the face, comfort is yours. When the heart is heavy, joy will rise up within. 

If you have endured some difficulties and hardships, you are not alone. God will bring you peace, a future and a hope. Don’t give up. Think of the bright cheerful colors all around you. Similar to these beautiful purses that are on the shelf, waiting to be chosen. Blessings come along everyday. Just look up, because you have been chosen to be exactly who you are, for the world today!

HOPE Burlap Bag Item 1-16132 $25 img7241

You are loved. God reaches down to you today, and loves you with His everlasting care. His arms are strong. Strong enough to carry your burdens. 

Gotta love Brighton’s LOVE and HEARTS. 12775-2 Brighton. $25. img 7254

Be reassured today, you are incredibly special. The value you bring to people you meet along life’s path, may bring joy to someone that needs the encouragement you have within yourself.



Kendell and Kylie in Basic Black!

We are here to pray for you, (in fact, we have a Prayer Wall in the store, there’ll be more information on that in a future blog). Need a hug? We can help with that too! 

Come on in to Evilena’s, check out the many wonderful items, but especially ALL the fabulous purses we carry!

……….. If ya like one, ya better put a ring on it before it’s gone! 

Pradas, MK, Coach, Tag, Vera Bradley, Dooney and Bourke - and so many more purses available for purchase at ERD!

Blessings to you! You are fabulous darlin’! 

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  1. Karren

    Great blog post. Hope all who enter Evilena’s feel valued by God and the team. Whether they purchase anything or just stop in for a chat or hug.😊