We are often asked how consignment works. Consignment is when a store (Evilena’s Red Dresser) sells items for a seller (you). The items are consigned (handed over) to the consignment shop to sell. We price, stage, and market your items for you. At Evilena’s Red Dresser, there is a 40/60 split on all merchandise sold.

How to Sell Items

You can bring in 15 items at a time. We will decide at that time if we feel your items will sell on consignment or not. We will keep only the items we think will sell and give you back the rest. Items will stay in our consignment shop on display for 60 days. The items will be discounted during the 60 day duration at the discretion of store staff. On the 61st day, all items become property of the store (to sell or donate) unless you come in to pick them up. It is your responsibility to keep track of the dates and pick up merchandise on/or before the 61st day.

The money from the sale of your merchandise will stay in your account. You can receive payment by check or as store credit. We do not notify you, but you can check with us about your balance at anytime. Once you set up a consignment account, you can view the directions to access your account here.

Selling Clothes on Consignment

When you are selling clothes on consignment, the items must be in-season (like fruit….it’s always better in-season!). Please limit to 15 items at a time and we will choose from there. All your clothing items must be clean, wrinkle free, on hangers or folded (we don’t like wrinkles of any kind). We will give back your hangers. The clothes must be smoke free, pet hair free, no rips, tears, and zippers and buttons must be in working order.

Furniture Consignment

Furniture must be brought in clean and ready for sale from a smoke free environment. We prefer pictures of your furniture in advance and we will set up an appointment for you to bring in your approved pieces. Please send photos to

Our staff is unable to do heavy lifting, so please bring help with you when consigning or purchasing furniture. We have a mover available that can be individually hired as needed.

Home decor consignment items should also be clean and ready to be put out on the showroom floor.

Acceptable Consignment Items

Below is a list of items we accept at Evilena’s Red Dresser. All items must be clean. Most eras of decor, such as vintage, retro, traditional, contemporary, industrial, rustic are accepted….the more unique the better! The more variety, the more we like it!


Women’s Clothing
Designer Label Purses
New Unworn Shoes & Boots
Custom made farm tables
Up-cycled items
Home Decor
Vintage quilts
Table Runners
Coffee table books
Chandeliers & Lighting Fixtures
Place Mats
Flatware, vintage preferred
Vintage fabric
Seasonal items just before or during the actual season (We begin taking Christmas items in October.)

Consignment Items We Do Not Take

We do not accept items that are dirty, smell of smoke, torn, or broken.

Bed Linens
Collectibles – Lladros, Precious Moments, Rockwell Plates, etc.
Flower shop vases
Individual coffee mugs
Unframed art
Worn Shoes/Boots
Store Brand Purses (non-designer)
1980’s Country hearts & geese
Mauve and country blue color items
Pictures matted (mauve, country blue, hunter green)
Pictures frames in metal or plastic
Photo frames unless quite unique
Bathroom tissue box
Soap dispenser sets, garbage cans

Books – novels
Appliances: toasters, mixers (unless truly vintage)
Chipped dishes or crystal
Upholstered items with pet hair
Mattresses and box springs
Prom Dresses
Wedding gowns



Monday-Friday: 5am – 11pm

Saturday: 5am – 10pm

Sunday: 5am – 9pm