Why Consign?

Because it’s FUN!

We love to see what you bring to us! It’s like Christmas every day in our back room. Our inventory changes daily, it’s never the same store twice. We stage the store at least twice a week, so your items get moved around and seen in a new way.

Because we strive to be inspirational, creative, transformational and savvy!

Our prices are fair, and considerably lower than retail. Older furniture is made in the USA, and the quality is often much better than new furniture. Shopping consignment keeps items from going to the landfill, and extends the life of the piece! You also have more $ to spend in other areas of your life because of the savings you will realize when you become a savvy consignment shopper!

Because of our location and recent expansion!

Our premier Frankfort location results in a constant flow of walk-in and drive-by traffic generated by neighboring businesses.

Because of our Experience!

Since 2009, we have sold thousands of items, and our staff retention is amazing. Therefore, not only do we have a robust, historical pricing database, our staff has become well versed in what the market value is currently for most items. Staff is also aware of current trends in fashion and design, and are able to help with finding just the right items. We have a home stylist on staff, along with a few fashion specialists. We also have staff who are experts in using our Dixie Belle Paint products.

Because of our Charitable Giving!

Each year we have found areas in which to give back to the community at large. Early on we supported a Christian Boarding School for troubled teens. We have donated to Love Inc. and helped a single mom furnish her apartment so her daughter could stay with her. In June of 2021, We raised over $20,000, by God's grace, to support the Roseland Good News Day Care.   A ministry to young moms, to watch their children so they are able to finish school. Also, each week we donate items to local non profit organizations such as Morning Star Mission which serves the entire Lincoln-Way area and more. We also have Bibles available for anyone to take for free, and a prayer corner to take or leave a prayer.

Because of the marketing we do for you!

Multi-layered marketing approach. Occasional instead of ongoing advertising…

Because of our Online Showroom!

We photograph all of your items and place them in our online store as well as in our brick and mortar store. shop.evilenasreddresser.com is open 24/7, and we also ship small items anywhere in the country. This is a valuable service at no extra charge to the consignor.

Because items sell quickly!

90% of our items sell within the 60 days

Because it’s easy to get paid!

Come in anytime to pick up your consignor cash or check, or reserve it for store credit! It’s like trading! If you can’t come in, just let us know and we can mail your check.

Because you have Online Access !

Consignors can check on the status of their account 24 hours a day.

Because we have a Vote of Confidence from Consignors!

We have thousands of repeat customers and hundreds of repeat consignors, satisfied with our ongoing attempt at perfecting our services to the community.

Because we invest in Security!

Evilena’s Red Dresser is a secure and safe marketplace to sell your items. Our security system provides 24-hour monitoring, along with multiple video camera surveillance.